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Because of the nature of marketing planning, the planner must have an adequate understanding of many aspects of the organization. The development of a marketing plan requires an in-depth understanding of the organization's products and services and the manner in which customers are processed. Detailed information on existing marketing activities is needed. Similar information will typically be required on competitors in the market area.As a result, the marketing-planning process will typically involve an audit of both internal and external factors. In performing the internal audit some or all of the following aspects of the organization would be of interest: Services/products. What are the services provided or products produced? What are the characteristics of these services and products? Customer characteristics. How many customers does the organization have, and what are their characteristics? What are the most pertinent demographic characteristics? Where do patients reside, and what is the "reach" of the organization? What is the case mix of current customers? What are the financial categories of the patient base? Utilization patterns. What volume of services and products is consumed by the organization's customers? How does this volume break down by service line or procedure? Pricing structure. How is pricing determined for the organization's services and products? How does this price structure compare with that of competitors and the industry average? How price sensitive are the goods and services offered? Marketing arrangements. What marketing programs are currently in place, and how is marketing structured? What type and level of resources are available for marketing? Are processes in place for internal marketing? Locations. To what extent are operations centralized or decentralized? How many satellite locations are operated, and how were these locations chosen? Are there markets not being served by existing outlets? Referral relationships. How are customers referred to the organization? To what extent are there formal referral relationships? How dependent is the organization on referrals?

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