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Innovation strategy

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Firm growth and innovation: Towards a typology of innovation strategy
Vasco Eiriz
Ana Faria
Natália Barbosa
Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice 15(1): 97-111

This article discusses innovation across the firm’s life cycle. By discussing how firms’ innovation decisions change over time and across the different stages of firm growth, we add to the literature on innovation and strategy by proposing a typology of innovation strategy. In this original contribution, innovation strategies are categorized in terms of the type of innovation (product and process) and its degree of novelty (incremental and radical). Crossing these decisions we identify four innovation strategies: product development; learning by experience; discovery; and restructuring. In our integrative view of technological innovation and firm growth, we propose that each of the four innovation strategies develop over the firm’s growth stages (start-up, expansion, maturity, diversification, and exit), therefore making a conceptual contribution to our knowledge on innovation strategy. We concluded by suggesting further research on this topic.

Eiriz, Vasco; Faria, Ana; Barbosa, Natália (2013). Firm growth and innovation: Towards a typology of innovation strategy. Innovation: Management, Policy & Practice 15(1): 97-111.




Estante, uma selecção de livros de ensino e aprendizagem sobre estratégia, empreendedorismo, inovação e marketing recomendados pelo editor deste blogue.

Estante, a selection of books for teaching and learning in strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation and marketing recommended by the editor of this blog.


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Study questions

Avalie as críticas de Mintzberg à abordagem clássica do planeamento estratégico. Concorda com esses argumentos? De que forma utilizaria esses argumentos para orientar a estratégia duma organização?
Evaluate Mintzberg’s critique of the design school. Do you agree with it? How would you use Mintzberg’s argument to guide strategy making?

Analise a história duma organização com a qual se sinta familiarizado. O que conclui acerca do desenvolvimento da estratégia dessa organização, dos seus principais feitos e desafios que enfrentou e da natureza do seu processo de desenvolvimento estratégico? Quais são as principais lições para gestores e investigadores de estratégia?
Review the history of an organization with which you are familiar. What can you find out about how its strategy has developed, the key milestones and challenges that it has faced, and the nature of strategy development process? What are the key lessons for managers and strategy researchers?

Defina alguns dos principais tópicos que devem moldar os valores e o propósito de uma organização.
Outline some of the key issues that should shape an organization’s values and purpose.


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