PROMOVER O EMPREENDEDORISMO. Nesta nota, a Comissão Europeia dá dicas para promover o empreendedorismo. Nomeadamente constata o seguinte:

The Commission recommends the following measures:

  • National and regional authorities should establish cooperation between different departments, leading to developing a strategy with clear objectives and covering all stages of education.
  • Curricula for schools at all levels should explicitly include entrepreneurship as an objective of education.

Support for schools and teachers

  • Schools should be given practical support and incentives to encourage take-up of entrepreneurship programmes.
  • Special attention should be given to training teachers and to raising the awareness of heads of schools.
  • Cooperation between educational establishments and the local community, especially businesses, should be encouraged.
  • The use of student mini-companies at school should be further promoted.

Fostering entrepreneurship in higher education

  • Higher education institutions should integrate entrepreneurship across different courses, notably within scientific and technical studies.
  • Public authorities’ support is especially needed to provide high-level training for teachers and to develop networks that can share good practice.
  • Teacher mobility between university and the business world should be encouraged, together with the involvement of business people in teaching.
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