Pequenos negócios 70

"From their study of resource management in family businesses, business professors David Sirmon and Michael Hitt identified the following features of these firms that can offer unique advantages: 1. Firm-specific knowledge. Family businesses often compete using firm-specific knowledge that is best shared and further developed by individuals who care deeply about the business and who trust one another. 2. Shared social networks. Family members bring valuable social capital to the business when they are their networks with younger members of the family and thus help to ensure the firm's future performance. 3. A focus on the long run. Family managers can take a long-range perspective more easily than can corporate managers who are being judged on year-to-year--or even quarterly--results. 4. Preservation of the firm's reputation. because they have a stake in preserving the reputation of the family, family members are likely to maintain high standards when it comes to honesty in business dealings and other matters, such as offering quality and value to the customer. 5. Reduced cost of control. Because key employees in a family business are related and trust one another, the firm can spend less on systems designed to reduce theft and to monitor employees' work habits."

Fonte: Longenecker, J.; Moore, C.; Petty, J.; Palich, L. (2005), Small Business Management: An Entrepreneurial Emphasis, p. 98-99. Mason, OH: Thomson South-Western
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