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Identifying and discussing the risks in your venture demonstrate your skills as a manager and increase the credibility of you and your venture with a venture capital investor or a private investor. Taking the initiative on the identification and discussion of risks helps you to demonstrate to the investor that you have thought about them and can handle them. Risks then tend not to loom as large black clouds in the investor's thinking about your venture.

1. Discuss assumptions and risks that implicit in your plan.
2. Identify and discuss any major problems and other risks, such as:
• Running out of cash before orders are secured.
• Potential price cutting by competitors.
• Any potentially unfavorable industry trends.
• Design or manufacturing costs in excess of estimates.
• Sales projections not achieved.
• An unmet product development schedule.
• Difficulties or long lead times encountered in the procurement of parts or raw materials.
• Larger-than-expected innovation and development costs.
• Running out of cash after orders pour in.
3. Indicate what assumptions or potential problems and risks are most critical to the success of the venture, and describe your plans for minimizing the impact of unfavorable developments in each case.
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