COOPETITION. As questões que motivam o 2nd Workshop on Coopetition Strategy a realizar em Milão entre 14 e 15 de Setembro:

    • What is the ‘real’ nature of coopetition?
    • Are there different typologies of coopetition strategies?
    • What are the antecedents of the emergence and development of coopetition?
    • Are the determinants of coopetition related to different types of coopetition? If so, how are they related?
    • What are the critical issues related to the management of coopetition?
    • Are there specific domains where the concept of coopetition is more suited?
    • Which are the core characteristics of coopetition applied in different fields?
    • What kind of strategic theoretical perspective(s) or integration of perspectives is(are) the most well-suited to analyse and understand coopetition?
    • Which kind of learning do firms experience under coopetition?
    • What are the most interesting business cases of coopetition strategy? What are the most appropriate theoretical lenses to analyse them?
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