Pequenos negócios 53

"Successful next-generation leaders share the following characteristics: 1. They know the business well; ideally, they like or even love the nature of the business; 2. They know themselves and their strengths and weakness, having had the necessary outside experience and education; 3. They want to lead and serve; 4. They are guided responsibly by the previous generation, by advisors, and by a board of outside directors; 5. They have good relationships and the ability to accommodate others, especially if part of a successor team (siblings, in-laws, or cousins); 6. They can count on competent non family managers in the top management team to complement their own skills; 7. They have controlling ownership or can lead, through allies, as if they did; 8. Their have earned the respect of non family employees, suppliers, customers, and other family members; 9. Their skills and abilities fit the strategic needs of the business; 10. They respect the past and focus their energies on the future of the business and the family."

Fonte: Poza, Ernest J. (2004), Family Business, Southwestern/Thomson learning, p. 49
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