SERVIÇOS FINANCEIROS. Este são os tópicos que interessam aos editores do número especial do Journal of Financial Services Marketing sobre marketing relacional:

  • Measuring customer life time value (can future profitability be accurately estimated? how can measurement be improved?)
  • Identifying potentially profitable customers (individuals & segments)
  • Customer profitability metrics
  • The role of technology in implementing effective CRM
  • Treating customers differently: opportunities & challenges
  • Understanding and managing customer life cycles
  • CRM communication strategies (how, when, what)
  • Human Resources & CRM (hiring the right employees, training, incentives, etc)
  • Building a customer relationship orientation in the branch
  • Measuring the effects of customized programs to attract, retain and profit from select customers
  • Motivating employees to take relationship building actions
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of CRM programs
  • Tools & methodologies to measure costs and returns (at the customer and segment level)
  • Moving from managing products (CDs, life insurance, etc) to managing customers
  • Managing individual customers vs. managing segments
  • Cross-channel integration to manage the complete customer experience
  • Managing and leveraging customer relationships across channels
  • Capturing relevant customer data: systems, people, actions
  • Building meaningful relations to drive loyalty and enhance profitability
  • Service recovery & CRM
  • Case histories (success and failure)
  • The challenges of operating both transactional and relationship marketing
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