Pequenos negócios 55

"Delay self-gratification and reinvest in your business. Believe in what you are doing, even when the evidence says you shouldn't be doing it. Look for a niche--something that no one else is doing or no one else is doing well, then fill it. Surround yourself with the best people you can find. Network--make real contacts and have friends and others you can rely on. Sometimes our best teachers are those we grew up with, like our parents. Sometimes an original idea is best. But other times, it's better to profit off someone else's idea by making a product or providing a service better than they do. Real estate will eventually pay off, if you get a prime corner or other key piece of land. You don't have to finish college and you don't have to know how to devise a business plan, but it's better if you do both. Don't be afraid to take a risk and look at other markets for other opportunities. It's important to succeed, but not at any cost. Integrity is central to success."

Fonte: Nelson, David C.; Bell, James D. (2004) Profiles in Entrepreneurship: Leaving More than Footprints, Thomson South-Western, pp.3-4.
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