GOVERNAÇÃO. Transforming Government : People, Process and Policy. É assim que se chama uma nova revista a ser lançada pela Emerald. "Transforming Government will publish leading scholarly and practitioner research on the subject of transforming Government through its people, processes and policy. Unique and progressive in its approach, the journal seeks to recognise both the multidisciplinary and the interdisciplinary perspectives of e-Government, and encourages both pure and applied research that impacts central and local Government, with international perspectives also welcome. It will also be interested in exploring how research carried out in the private sector can be applied to the public sector as a means of improving efficiency and effectiveness. Coverage is international and focused on original research in e-Government ICT, service chain issues, public sector management, policy implications of developing environments, and organizational and human resource issues." As áreas identificadas como de interesse para a revista são as seguintes: "Electronic Government Applications (Government-to-citizen; Government-to-business; Government-to-government; Government-to-employees); Process Management and Integration; Governance and Electronic Democracy; Benefits, Barriers and Risks of Electronic Government; Information Policy; Electronic Information Security Management; Information Privacy; Information Access; Information Systems; Internal Government Processes and Intranets; Technology Adoption and Diffusion; Service Chain Management." Tratam-se, enfim, de tópicos de manifesto interesse e actualidade que justificam um título que lhes seja especificamente dedicado.
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