Pequenos negócios 60

"Do you Have A Business Idea?. Maybe you have some business ideas in mind, but you're not sure how original they are. If so, you may be surprised to hear that not all entrepreneurs come up with totally unique ideas. You can be innovative without necessarily creating something totally new. Here are five ways to build on already existing ideas and still create a unique profit-driven concept: 1. Develop ideas that are an extension of or a redesign of an existing service; 2. Re-segment and create an improved service; 3. Re-differentiate and market the product at a lower price; 4. Add value to an existing product or service; 5. Develop or redesign a new version of an existing product."

Fonte: Bearden, William O., Ingram, Thomas N., LaForge, Raymond W. (2004), Marketing Principles and Perspectives, McGraw-Hill, PP. 105-106.
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