Pequenos negócios 63

"Family Roles and Relationships - Sons and Daughters. Should sons and daughters be groomed for the family business, or should they pursue careers of their own choosing? In the entrepreneurial family, the natural tendency is to think in terms of a family business career and to push a child, either openly or subtly, in that direction. Little thought may be given to the basic issues involved, which include the child's talent, aptitude, and temperament. The child may be a chip off the old block but may also be an individual with different talents and aspirations. He or she may prefer music or medicine to the world of business and fit the business mold very poorly. It is also possible that the abilities of the son or daughter may simply be insufficient for a leadership role. Or, a child's talents may be underestimated by parents simply because there has been little opportunity for the child to develop or demonstrate those talents. Another issue is personal freedom. Today's society values the right of the individual to choose his or her own career and way of life. If this value is embraced by a son or daughter, that child must be granted the freedom to select a career of his or her own choosing. A son or daughter may feel a need to go outside the family business, for a time at least, to prove that "I can make it on my own." To build self-esteem, he or she may wish to operate independently of the family. Entering the family business immediately after graduation may seem stifling, as the child continues to "feel like a little kid with Dad telling me what to do." If the family business is profitable, it does provide rewards. A son or daughter may be advised to give serious consideration to accepting such an opportunity. If the business relationship is to be satisfactory, however, family pressure must be minimized. Both parties must recognize the choice as a business decision as well as a family decision - and as a decision that may be reversed."

Fonte: Longenecker, Justin G., Moore, Carlos W., Petty, William J. (2003), Small Business Management – An Entrepreneurial Emphasis, Thomson/South-Western, pp. 175-176.
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