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"Competitive and Managerial Resource Fits. Checking a diversified company's business portfolio for competitive and managerial resource fits involves the following: 1. Determining whether the company's resource strengths are well matched to the key success factors of the businesses it has diversified into – A close match between industry key success factors and company resources and capabilities is a solid sign of good resource fit. 2. Determining whether the company has ample resource depth to support all its businesses - A diversified company has to guard against stretching its resource base too thin and trying to do too many things. The broader the diversification, the greater the concern about whether the company has sufficient managerial depth and expertise to cope with the diverse range of managerial and operating problems its wide business lineup presents (plus those it may be contemplating getting into). 3. Determining whether one or more businesses can benefit from the transfer of resources and/or competitive capabilities from sister businesses - Capabilities that are often good candidates for transfer include short development times in bringing new products to market, strong partnership with key suppliers, an R&D organization capable of generating technological and product opportunities in several different industry arenas simultaneously, a high degree of organizational agility in responding to shifting market conditions and emerging opportunities, or state-of-the-art system for doing business via the Internet. The ability to transfer competitively valuable resources or capabilities from one business to another is a strong signal of resource fit. 4. Determining whether the company needs to invest in upgrading its resources or capabilities in order to stay ahead of (or at least abreast of) the efforts of rivals - In a world of fast-paced change and competition, managers have to be alert to the need to continually invest in and upgrade the company's resources, however potent its current resources are. All resources depreciate in value as competitors mimic them or retaliate with a different (and perhaps more attractive) resource combination. Upgrading resources and competencies often means going beyond just strengthening what the company already is capable of doing. It may involve adding new capabilities (like the ability to manage a group of diverse international manufacturing plants, technological expertise in related or complementary disciplines, a state-of-the-art-company intranet, or an innovative website that draws many visits and gives all business units greater market exposure); building competencies that allow the company to enter another attractive industry; or widening the company's range of capabilities to match certain competitively valuable capabilities of rivals."

Fonte: Thompson, A. Arthur, Strickland, A.J. III. (2003) Strategic Management - Concept and Cases, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, pp. 344-345.
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