Dinâmica empreendedora em contexto local

O International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal (Volume 2, Number 3, September 2006) inclui o artigo "Spatial co-localisation of firms and entrepreneurial dynamics: The combinatory system view" da autoria de Piero Mella:

"In this conceptual paper, I propose an interpretation of business dynamics in terms of the spatial co-localisation of firms—considered as an intelligent cognitive system—in a circumscribed area in order to form clusters of various types. I interpret clustering by adopting the methodology of multi-agent combinatory systems: that is, systems formed by collectivities of agents (firms) in which an internal feedback recombines the micro behaviours of the agents (localisation) in order to produce a macro effect (cluster) which, in turn, modifies the attractiveness of the area and conditions the subsequent localisations. I also present the idea that if a cluster has fitness advantages for new firms, then usually new entrepreneurs are formed within it and the cluster widens, due to the endogenous genesis of new firms."

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