Empreender com RENT em Bruxelas

A RENT XX - Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business está a decorrer neste hotel em Bruxelas. Empreender patrocina o artigo "The role of inward foreign direct investment on domestic entrepreneurship" que a seguir se resume:

"This article investigates whether foreign firms operating in Portugal had a positive impact on domestic entrepreneurial activity measured by the net creation of firms. Using firm-level panel data for manufacturing and service industries over the period 1986 to 2000, we test whether the impact of foreign firms on domestic firms entry depends on the number and size of previous foreign entrants. There are two main findings of particular importance. First, the estimation results do not confirm that there is a u-shaped relationship between foreign presence and the number of domestic start-ups. We found empirical support for this relationship only in the case of high-tech industries and large firms. Second, the impact of a first foreign investment is, in general, positive but the marginal impact of additional investments appears to be negative. Overall, these results cast some doubt on the influence of foreign firms in assisting domestic entrepreneurial activity."
A apresentação e discussão do artigo decorre mais logo, às 16:15 horas, numa sala idêntica a esta aqui em baixo. A conferência termina amanhã.

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