Malefícios do PowerPoint

Eu também me esforço por fazer "power-points" atractivos, bonitos. Mas não os disponibilizo aos alunos. Demorar-me-ia em explicar porquê, mas parece que não estou isolado na minha convicção. De acordo com o Times Higher Education Supplement, há motivos válidos para não disponibilizar estes suportes aos alunos: "Plagiarism and cheating by today’s cut-and-paste generation of university students will never be stamped out unless lecturers stop spoon-feeding them a diet of handouts and PowerPoint presentations, a leading academic said. Baroness Deech, head of the students’ complaints watchdog, said that the way in which education was now “packaged and delivered” just like any other product had dulled students’ sense of inquiry and spirit of adventure. One consequence was that they were more tempted than previous generations to cut and paste work from the internet and pass it off as their own, rather than to explore and find their own answers to questions. "
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