Reformas na Universidade de Oxford

Olha que giro, a propósito de financiamento no ensino superior, um dos temas hoje em destaque: "Oxford University is considering a major overhaul of its internal funding methods, which would see departments and colleges "earn" money in proportion to their contribution to teaching and research. A working group has been meeting since the beginning of last year to develop the system, known as the joint resource allocation method, and the university has begun holding open meetings for university staff and students.". Entretanto, as "batalhas" em Oxford continuam, prevendo-se desenvolvimentos para o dia de amanhã: "The final phase in the battle over reforms for the University of Oxford begins tomorrow when John Hood, the Vice-Chancellor, calls on dons to approve changes to a “white paper” detailing plans to hand strategic control to outsiders. After 13 years of arguing over various models to replace a 900-year-old tradition of self-governance, there is a certain weariness among the dons at Britain’s oldest university. Like all feuds, the plotting behind the scenes has been thick. But, after the most striking alternatives had been ruled out, Dr Hood’s opponents decided to push for an all-or-nothing vote in a high-risk attempt to defeat the plans." Tudo isto se passa em Oxford, mas temo que rapidamente venha a ser coisa familiar em Portugal. (Extractos publicados pelo The Times Higher Education Supplement que, por sua vez, se baseia no Guardian, Financial Times e Times).
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