João Silva em acção

Os esforços de João Silva para profissionalizar a gestão de recursos humanos na subsidiária portuguesa duma empresa norueguesa. É este o objecto do estudo de caso "Norge electronics (Portugal) SA" da autoria de Stephen J. J. McGuire (California State University) saído na Thunderbird International Business Review (Volume 49, Número 1).

"The case begins with the protagonist, João Silva, in Oslo for a meeting of personnel directors of the subsidiaries of a large Scandinavian multinational, Norge Electronics. Silva is the administrative director (Finance and Administration, HR, Legal) of the division's smallest subsidiary - Norge Electronics Portugal. Silva had been asked by the vice president of human resources to present to the personnel directors what has been achieved in Portugal. The evening before his presentation, Silva received a fax from a consultant he hired in Portugal with the preliminary results of a climate study. The consultant's report is not what Silva expected and, in fact, raises questions about the effectiveness of a series of change actions implemented over the past two years. The case describes in detail the actions taken by Silva to professionalize HR management in the Portuguese subsidiary."

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