Estes ingleses têm a mania

Periodicamente a universidade inglesa onde me doutorei envia-me uma revista. Noutras ocasiões questiona-me sobre a minha vida profissional ou então escreve-me. Simplesmente. Desta vez resolvi copiar para aqui partes da carta de Natal assinada pela responsável de relações com ex-alunos. Talvez sirva de exemplo para muitos gestores universitários.

[...] This year has seen a crucial milestone achieved since the new university's creation in 2004 - the migration of all our alumni data onto a unified database. We are now in a position to create individual MBSNet accounts for all those alumni who previously only had generic access. MBSNet accounts will be launched in stages, with completion by the end of the first quarter of 2008. With the entire alumni body able to access this on-line community, you will be able to fully explore and gain the true benefit of this powerful networking platform. [...] Together with the Manchester Business School Alumni Association Management Board (MBSAAMB), we have been working to create a set of "premium" services for you. These services will carry a membership fee with a large part of the revenue being put back into the regional groups and the AAMB to enable more activity. Alumni not wishing to take up premium services will continue to receive all the current benefits and services free of charge. We would be very interested to hear any ideas you may have about the types of benefits that could be included in this premium package [...] The monthly e-newsletter will be redesigned and we are currently exploring new options for the second "Network" magazine [...].

Segue-se depois uma outra carta de duas páginas do director da escola a mostrar ... resultados. Mesmo assim, aposto que há quem diga que estes ingleses têm a mania!

P.S.: no primeiro parágrafo, onde se lê «gestores universitários» deve ler-se «"gestores" universitários». As minhas desculpas ao leitor e aos gestores universitários.

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