Concorrência tecnológica

A proposta de Maria Fraga, O. Martins e Paulo Anciães, todos da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, intitula-se"Patterns of innovation diffusion and technological competition in Portuguese manufacturing and service industries". Saiu na International Review of Applied Economics (vol. 22, No. 3, pp. 353 - 372): «This article uses data from the Portuguese Community Innovation Survey (CIS III) to analyse the inter-industry heterogeneity in the diffusion of innovations and level of technological competition in Portuguese manufacturing and service industries. The industries are classified with reference to the relationship between the level of participation in innovation and the strategies of innovative firms. Methods of multivariate statistics are used to synthesize the data and to group the observations into subsets. Four distinctive innovation patterns are identified, defined along the following dimensions: output-orientation of innovation, importance of disembodied innovation, role of technologically advanced innovation and level of innovation opportunities. It is also found that high levels of technological competition tend to occur in sectors with relatively low dimension, productivity and overall investment.» Permitam-me destacar o facto de que a "concorrência tecnológica" é mais forte em sectores relativamente mais pequenos, com menor produtividade e menor investimento.
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