Escolas alemãs apostam em MBAs

De acordo com o Financial Times, as escolas alemãs estão a fazer uma grande esforço no mercado dos MBAs:

«[...] The prospect of a new generation of German graduates returning to their university studies after a spell in business has encouraged a range of domestic institutions to set up MBA programmes. About 1,500 students now graduate from one of 270 German MBA programmes every year but only a handful of providers maintain real hopes of breaking into the rankings. German institutions have in part been held back in the rankings by their relative inexperience (a programme must have been running for four years to qualify for the Financial Times rankings) and the small size of their programmes (the Business school rankings and MBA rankings from the Financial Times requires a minimum of 30 students on the programme). German business schools have had some success attracting candidates, but a lack of demand from domestic students is underscored by the country’s Graduate Management Admission Test statistics. In 2007, about 2,000 Germans took the business school exam but 90 per cent of the scores were sent to schools overseas. “The market is extremely small. There will be more domestic demand in three to four years’ time when there are enough bachelor graduates with sufficient workplace experience,” says Andreas Hackethal, dean of Goethe Business School in Frankfurt [...]».
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