Please remember that some performance locations will be kept secret until the last moment for very good reasons. Not everyone out there in internetland and elsewhere has our best interests at heart. Far from it! Remember, even if you have a ticket to such performances the information that will come your way is for YOU alone. Not your best friend who can't make it, or your record company ... owner who would love to go but has better things to do, or even any so-called former 'colleague' of mine etc and so on blah, blah, blah.

If they are meant to know, they'll know. If not,...it's best they don't!

Careless talk can be the difference between a show happening - or attracting 'problems' for scurrilous reasons at the last moment - which could lead to cancellation.

Douglas Pearce

Tributo aos 30 anos, aqui.

Radar, antena de longo alcance para sua orientação em tempos difíceis.
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