Combater a corrupção

Em relatório acabadinho de ser tornado público, a OCDE recomenda que Portugal tenha em atenção os seguintes aspectos no combate à corrupção:
  • take measures to disallow and forbid undocumented, confidential expenses in order to strengthen the tax administration’s ability to detect bribes;
  • amend laws to ensure the effective prosecution of bribery of foreign officials, by establishing a fully “autonomous definition” of foreign officials that eliminates the need to define the foreign official’s status according to the law in his or her own country before pursuing the Portuguese briber;
  • enhance and clarify reporting obligations and procedures within the public service and the accounting and auditing professions;
  • give law enforcement authorities additional resources and training to proactively detect, investigate and prosecute foreign bribery offences;
  • raise awareness among relevant public officials on preventing, detecting, reporting and investigating foreign bribery; and work more closely with the private sector and civil society to raise awareness on foreign bribery and its consequences and to develop effective prevention.
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