Pequenos negócios 76

"Five-Step Process for Establishing a New Venture. 1. Identify and screen opportunities. Create a vision and concept statement, and build an initial core entrepreneurial team. Describe the initial ideas about the value proposition and the business model. 2. Refine the concept, determine feasibility, and prepare a mission statementResearch the business idea and prepare a set of scenarios. Draft the outline of a business plan and an executive summary. 3. Prepare a complete business plan with a financial plan and the legal organization suitable for the venture. 4. Determine the amount of financial, physical, and human resources required. Prepare a financial model for the business and determine the necessary resources. Prepare a plan for acquiring these resources. 5. Secure the necessary resources and capabilities from investors, as well as new talent and alliances. Launch the organization."

Fonte: Dorf, Richard C.; Byers, Thomas H. (2005), Technology Ventures: From Idea to Enterprise, McGraw-Hill, p. 168.

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