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1. Are you and your organization aware of social responsibility standards and trends within your industry? 2. Does your organization comply with applicable laws and regulations covering the social responsibility principles? 3. Does your organization have written policies in place that cover the principles 4. Are goals in place for each principle? What are they? How are improvements incorporated? 5. How does your organization disperse and communicate information on its social responsibility standards internally and to suppliers for adoption, understanding, and compliance? 6. Is training provided covering each area of social responsibility? What is the frequency and to whom is training provided? 7. Has your organization set minimum standards that suppliers are required to meet? Are suppliers required to provide information and identify how they support each standard? 8. Are social responsibility contractual obligations in place with those with whom the organization does business? 9. Does your organization measure its performance against standards and report results? Are auditable processes in place? 10. Are managers and appropriate employees measured on meeting goals? What are the rewards for outstanding performance and sanctions for not meeting goals? 11. Are responsibilities for social responsibility assigned to specific individuals or groups of individuals? What is the level of accountability for “making something happen” within the organization? Are those accountable made known within the organization? 12. Is there a champion or process owner accountable for these standards? 13. What is the highest level of oversight/accountability within the organization? Within each supplier organization? 14. Are financial and human resources committed in support of each standard? To whom do the human “resources” report? 15. How is each component of social responsibility measured within the organization? Within each supplier organization? 16. Is annual tracking in place? Does the organization communicate accomplishments within the organization, with stakeholders, and with the community? 17. Are internal and/or external recognition programs in place? 18. How are social responsibility standards and philosophies integrated into your organization’s code of conduct? 19. Does the organization use external resources to help ensure standards are being met? Does the organization align itself with industry groups? 20. Are core values, specific to the organization/industry/business, incorporated into human resources policies and manuals and job descriptions?

Fonte: Institute of Supply Management, (2004), ISM Principles of Social Responsibility, Arizona, p. 6.
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