Aspectos jurídicos das tecnologias de comunicação e informação

Termina em 5 de Dezembro o prazo para propostas de capítulos a incluir na colectânea "Information Communication Technology Law, Protection and Access Rights: Global Approaches and Issues", livro que será editado por Irene Maria Portela e Maria Manuela Cruz-Cunha, ambas do Instituo Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave. O livro apresenta-se nos seguintes termos: «The objective of the book is to ensure unhindered ICT development by identifying key issues in the relationship of ICT on the one hand, and law, ethics, politics and social policy, on the other hand. This relationship is with specific reference to the globally recognised access rights and rights to privacy, confidence and reputation. The relationship will continue to require empirical, experimental, historical, analytical and theoretical research for the examination and resolution of relevant issues and challenges. The book will address relevant issues from the practical, legal, ethical, political and social policy perspectives. The book will attempt to draw attention to diverse global approaches to the challenges posed by ICT to access rights and the guarantee and protection of rights to privacy, confidence and reputation. Industry, national and international measures and models and will be examined. The aim is to assist in shaping and ensuring an effective relationship between ICT development and law, ethics, politics and social policy in those areas.» Para mais detalhes clique aqui.
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