Uma abordagem original à gestão estratégica

Wim Vandekerckhove (Universidade de Ghent, Belgium), professor de ética, lança uma chamada de trabalhos tendo por base uma abordagem que Edward R. Freeman apresentou sobre a gestão estratégica em 1984, em livro que, entretanto, se tornou num clássico da área. A fundamentação de Vandekerckhove é a seguinte: «In 1984, R. Edward Freeman published Strategic Management: A Stakeholder Approach. While the term 'stakeholder' was then hardly used, it became one of the central concepts in the business ethics revival since the 1990s and quickly gained currency in mainstream management discourse. Today it is practically a household term used by many different types of actors in a very diverse set of fields. Although many reasons might be attributed to its popularity, Freeman's definition from 1984 is by far the most often referred to. This means that Freeman's stakeholder concept has allowed innovative frameworks and perspectives to emerge in relation to the various dimensions of management. In 2007, Freeman, Harrison and Wicks published Managing for Stakeholders as a practitioner's version of the revised 1984 book. In 2009 they will publish the academic revision of Strategic Management.» Já lá vão mais de 20 anos mas a teoria veio para ficar e ajudar-nos a compreender muitos dos fenómentos que nos rodeiam.


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