Fomentar o empreendedorismo através de políticas públicas

Está prevista para Julho próximo a saída de Public Policies for Fostering Entrepreneurship: A European Perspective, livro editado por João Leitao e Rui Baptista, ambos da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, com a chancela da Elsevier. «The contribution of this book is to join in the same volume a set of theoretical visions and empirical assessments by leading scholars about public policies towards entrepreneurship in Europe and how to rethink them. The book is divided in two parts: Part I – Entrepreneurship Policies – A European Framework; and Part II – Entrepreneurship Policy in Countries and Regions. In Part I various theoretical approaches are presented by prominent scholars from around the world. They point to the need for the European economy to be the subject of regional reorganization, based on concentrations of production activities with a strong component of knowledge and technology. This book appears at a particularly challenging time, in economic and social terms, when entrepreneurship and innovation assume particular strategic importance, inasmuch as endogenous growth should be considered by policy-makers and also by business-people and citizens as one of the driving forces that can catalyze regional economies. The Entrepreneurship Policy examples contained in Part II from European countries in Scandinavia, Iberia, Germany, Turkey and the UK explore the implications for research, practice and policy-making in those regions.»
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