A geração Y enquanto consumidora de ... vinho

Através do curioso International Journal of Wine Business Research fica-se a saber o que motiva a pesquisa de alguns editores convidados da referida revista:

«One important current area of focus for marketing research is the next generation of consumers – the group known as Millennials, Echo Boomers or Generation Y (the term used here). Generation Y comprises those born roughly between 1977 and 1999 (the precise dates are subject to discussion), and for the next 40 years this generational group will become increasingly important as wine consumers; indeed, it is posited that they already seem to be spending substantial amounts of money on wine and anecdotally in some countries this cohort is showing increasing interest in wine, although in other places (particularly in traditional wine producing countries) their interest is said to be declining. The wine industry generally seems aware that it needs to pay more attention to this cohort. One of the still open questions is how this generation differs in their communication behaviour, e.g. the usage of the internet and social networking. Additionally, a limited amount of academic research has examined the perceptions of this group towards wine consumption and wine tourism – although much of this has been concentrated on Anglophone countries, and specifically within a North American context. In view of this background, and the significance of this cohort of potential drinkers this Special Edition is designed to incorporate both conceptual and empirical research into Generation Y as wine consumers.»
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