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"Entrepreneurial Small Firms: Contemporary Issues and Perspectives" é assim mesmo o tópico que os editores convidados do International Small Business Journal (Hans Landström and Friederike Welter) se propuseram abordar.

«Small firms are often regarded as traditional organisations, following a risk-averse approach to managing and growing their businesses. Entrepreneurs in small firms often improvise and muddle-through, with strategy typically being emergent and strategic vision more commonly demonstrated than strategic planning. Entrepreneurs react from day-to-day, neglecting the longer term development of their business. Over time, decision-making processes tend to become increasingly routinised, as entrepreneurs fall back on behaviour they once have applied successfully, as long as they are facing familiar situations, for which closed loop learning can provide the basis for making an adequate response. How entrepreneurial are small firms? Although it is recognized that owner-managers at some time have to behave entrepreneurially in order to start and sustain their business, how can small business owners achieve continued entrepreneurship within their firm? Is strategic entrepreneurship of relevance to small firms, given the discussion on what constitutes strategic management and strategic behaviour, or is there a need to extend and develop strategic entrepreneurship within a small firms context?»

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