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Raimund Hasse, University of Lucerne, anunciou nos seguintes termos um workshop dedicado ao desenvolvimento de novas empresas de base tecnológica:
«This workshop aims at discussing the organisational development of new technology based firms (NTBF). The development of NTBFs is often described in terms of stage models that address a variety of issues such as growth, technology development and the availability of resources simultaneously. [...] With this workshop we would like to explore the emergence, development and end of NTBFs. We are especially interested in empirical studies focusing on organisational change, continuous or disruptive development, and influences of organisational embeddedness. [...] We would like to solicit empirical and conceptual addressing for instance the following questions: Concerning the emergence: - Which continuities or disruptions can be observed throughout the emergence of NTBFs out of parent organisations? - How do the different experiences of founders affect the emergence and development of NTBFs? - Which differences result from different spin-off backgrounds (university, private research organisation, company)? - From a historical perspective, how does change of parental organisations or industry contexts influence start-ups? - What is the influence of other organisations (entrepreneurial courses, start-up consultants, start-up contests, incubators) on the emerging organisations? Concerning the development: - What are the effects of investor relationships (banks, business angels, VC) on the organisational development? - How does the absence or entry of clients affect the organisational development? - What role does start-ups/business consulting play throughout founding and change processes? - Which patterns of change (economic orientation, routinisation, bureaucratisation) can be observed in later stages? Concerning the end: - Which factors lead to an expected or unexpected ending? - What are the lessons learnt of entrepreneurs involved in failing spin-off processes?»

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