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Em tempos, o International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing apelou à submissão de artigos sobre o tema "Business Networks and Enterprise Development". Os editores convidados para este número especial da revista - Åsa Hagberg-Andersson, Hanken School of Economics (HANKEN), Finland, e Annika Tidström, University of Vaasa (UV), Finland - apresentaram o tema nos seguintes termos:
«The focus of this special issue is on combining research that adopts a business network approach and research on strategic entrepreneurship. This issue is especially focused on business networks and their contribution to/role in the development of entrepreneurial firms. No business is an island, so it is therefore important to recognise the relationships in which an enterprise is involved and how these relationships influence the enterprise. In order to understand the dynamics of business markets, it is important to focus on business relationships instead of single firms. If one firm grows, it may also have an impact on the performance or position of other firms. The only thing that is constant is change. Therefore, firms need to manage or cope with change as it occurs. One of the central questions within the field of business networks is whether relationships can be managed or whether firms just have to cope with different situations as they occur. In order to deal with change, firms need to adapt in relationships with others. It is possible to identify different reasons for adaptation, such as changes in market conditions. However, adaptation also presents an opportunity for renewal. Another opportunity for renewal is the search for business relationships that may facilitate development. There is a need to increase our understanding about the dynamics of business networks and how these influence development and renewal. It is important to study how companies manage and/or cope with change in business networks. Moreover, there is a need for more studies that explore the ways in which business relationships influence the development and performance of single firms. Topics of interest to this IJEV special issue include, but are not limited to:

* How do business relationships facilitate the development of firms within those relationships?
* How do firms cope with changes in their relationships in business networks?
* To what extent and how do firms choose business partners in order to renew and develop?
* What are the reasons for adaptation and what modes of adaptation can be identified?
* How can firms improve their position in business markets by cooperating with other companies?
* How can the network position of a firm influence its performance?
* How does the development of a firm influence the need for renewal in other connected firms?
* What needs to be renewed in relationships in order for firms to develop and gain competitive advantages?
* What is the role of business networks in the identification of opportunities?»

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