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A gestão de recursos entre organizações está na base de um número especial do Journal of Business Research editado por Enrico Baraldi (Uppsala University, Sweden), Espen Gressetvold (Trondheim Business School, Norway) e Debbie Harrison (BI Norwegian School of Management, Norway).
«This Journal of Business Research Special Issue Special Issue is to provide a forum for the further development and application of a resource interaction approach to the study of inter-organizational relationships and networks. While this approach has emerged from within the Industrial Marketing and Purchasing (IMP) Group, the resource interaction approach has an interdisciplinary discourse involving innovation and new product development, strategic management, and Science and Technology Studies (STS). Instead of focusing on the allocation of internal resources, the resource interaction approach emphasizes the interactions and combinations of resources at the inter-organizational level. Resources can be technical, organizational and knowledge based. The key point is that the value of resources depends on their combinations with other resources, located both inside and outside firm boundaries. The Special Issue should provide answers to the following questions. How does the value of a certain product emerge from its interactions with other resources? What possibilities and barriers to developing a focal resource (e.g., a facility or a business unit) derive from the resource interfaces that embed it? How do actors influence resource combinations and what management controls do they apply to affect resources in the network? The Editors of this JBR Special Issue welcome submissions building from the following potential (but not restricted) themes:
  • The possibilities and challenges in managing networks of resources
  • New insights on logistics and supply networks that analyzing resource interactions can provide
  • The role of users in the creation, development and combination of resources
  • The process of gaining and using knowledge in resource combining and its relation to value creation
  • The management control and accounting of resource combinations at the inter-organizational level
  • Internationalization processes and MNC headquarter-subsidiaries relations from a resource interaction perspective
  • The role of resource interactions in the development and practice of routines and strategic capabilities across firm boundaries
  • The process of new product development and technology innovation from a resource interaction perspective.»
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