Acumular conhecimento no seio de um cluster

Já aqui tinha feito uma referência a este artigo publicado no final de 2013: Eiriz, Vasco; Barbosa, Natália; Lima, Vanda (2013). Differences of absorptive capacity between firms within a cluster. Transformations in Business & Economics, 12(3): 203-214.
 O resumo é o seguinte:
«Firms located within a cluster have access to tacit, complex and specific local knowledge which allow them to develop competitive advantage. However, firms have no equal ability to access and to apply that knowledge, meaning that not all have a similar knowledge absorptive capacity. Using a sample of the largest Portuguese firms within a footwear cluster, this paper examines whether there are significant differences in firms' absorptive capacity and whether such differences within a cluster are related to firms' specific characteristics. The results suggest that absorptive capacity is significantly associated with the firms’ characteristics, namely size, export intensity and position within the cluster.»
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