Usar o Skype para pesquisa

Há estudantes a fazer entrevistas por Skype e depois traduzem essa experiência de investigação numa reflexão original e interessante. Pode ler uma dessas experiências em "Skype interviewing: reflections of two PhD researchers", da autoria de Hannah Deakin e Kelly Wakefield, publicado na revista Qualitative Research (October 2014, vol. 14, no. 5, pp. 603-616).

«When conducting qualitative research, the modern-day researcher has a variety of options available in order to collect data from participants. Although traditional face-to-face interviews remain prominent, innovative communication technologies, such as Skype, have facilitated new modes of communication. While potential research populations have become increasingly geographically dispersed, technological advancements and software have made communicating over large distances more feasible. Because of this, research is no longer limited to face-to-face accessible participants, as online methods have facilitated access to global research participants. This article presents the experiences of two PhD researchers using Skype to interview participants. While findings show that there are benefits and drawbacks to the utility of Skype, this article argues that synchronous online interviewing is a useful supplement or replacement to face-to-face interviews. Concluding comments acknowledge that more research is required to more comprehensively understand how technologies challenge the basic assumptions of the traditional face-to-face interview.»
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