Distribuição automóvel

Bairro de Pescadores, Dominguez Alvarez, 1929


Mudanças na distribuição automóvel europeia
Vasco Eiriz
Natália Barbosa
Revista Portuguesa e Brasileira de Gestão 7(1): 44-55

This study discusses the ongoing changes in the European automotive distribution driven by its current regulation. It recognises that the automotive business system comprises several sectors that deserve analysis and carries out a case study with a detailed diagnosis of the current and future state of the automotive distribution in Europe. In interpreting data collected from several documental sources, the study applies a broad conceptual framework that comprises contributions from the strategy, marketing and industrial economics literatures. In this analysis we discuss the structure, dynamics and growth, competition and horizontal interorganisational relationships and vertical relationships within the automotive distribution sector. It also identifies the ongoing changing process and discusses the implications of those changes for the sector.

Eiriz, Vasco; Barbosa, Natália (2008). Mudanças na distribuição automóvel europeia. Revista Portuguesa e Brasileira de Gestão 7(1): 44-55.

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