Competitive advantage and inter-organizational projects

Pintura, Carlos Botelho, 1936


Building competitive advantage through inter-organizational projects
João S. Areias
Vasco Eiriz
Strategic Direction 29(9): 31-34

Projects are a part of everyday life in industrial firms, playing a relevant role in terms of accomplishing strategic objectives, implementing strategy, and developing competitive advantage. Projects are developed within industrial networks and have a momentum of their own. This paper aims to describe the role of inter-organizational project networks that are embedded within the firm's network of relationships in the development of competitive advantage. The role of inter-organizational projects in developing competitive advantage was analysed in four inter-organizational projects involving firms from the Portuguese textile and clothing industry. Based on the industrial network approach, projects are framed within the conceptual model of activities, actors and resources. Considering the four studied cases, the analysis is focused on the impact of project networks on activities, resources and actors involved, as well as on the competitiveness of the firms involved in the studied networks. This paper contributes to management practice by focusing on the contribution of inter-organizational projects in the development of competitive advantage. Based on the analysis of four different cases, this paper highlights the potential role of project networks in the relationship network.

Areias, João S.; Eiriz, Vasco (2013). Building competitive advantage through inter-organizational projects. Strategic Direction 29(9): 31-34.

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