Inovação tecnológica e desempenho dos serviços de saúde

"Analysis of the impact of technological innovation on healthcare services" de que sou co-autor em conjunto com José Figueiredo saiu há pouco tempo no International Journal of Behavioural and Healthcare Research. Para além da ligação, fica aqui registado o resumo:

«Technological innovation is generally recognised as an important driver of performance in major service sectors. This article argues that evidence of such a relationship is much more diffuse in healthcare services. Moreover, the concept of technological innovation in healthcare is very broad when new medical equipment, new pharmaceutical products, new forms of contact with patients and new work processes are considered. Therefore, this study contributes to the identification of technological innovation in healthcare. It also explores how to evaluate the impact of technological innovation in different sectors of the healthcare industry. The resulting identification of sources of technological innovation and their relationship with different types of healthcare services may lead to a better understanding of the relationship between technological innovation and performance.»
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