Analisar a competitividade hospitalar

O artigo "A conceptual framework to analyse hospital competitiveness", de que o editor deste blogue é autor em conjunto com Natália Barbosa e José Figueiredo saiu este ano no Service Industries Journal (volume 30, número 3):

«This article proposes a conceptual framework to analyse hospital competitiveness at the organizational level. Hospital competitiveness, as the capacity a hospital has to develop a superior performance that leads it to a position of competitive advantage, may be analysed by three dimensions: organization, strategic behaviour and performance. Based on previous studies and on the current structural adjustment in the Portuguese public hospital sector, this article suggests the following categories: legal status,organizational complexity, and resources for the organization dimension; stakeholders, services and interorganizational relationships for the strategic behaviour dimension; and type of indicators, efficiency and effectiveness, and benchmarking for the performance dimension. This framework seems to be particularly useful in evaluating Portuguese hospital competitiveness and providing insights to hospitals managers and public decision-makers both from Portugal and other countries.»
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