A fertilidade das mulheres muito ocupadas

«Several analyses report a positive correlation between fertility and female self-employment; however, scholars disagree about the direction of this relationship. Knowing about the causal relationship is important because the relevant mechanisms and possible implications differ tremendously. This paper studies two competing hypotheses: Is self-employment more attractive to women because they have children? Or, is it occupation-specific characteristics of self-employed women that impact their fertility? This work applies a unique approach by utilizing exogenous variation in both children and self-employment.»
Não, não é brincadeira. Isto é coisa séria. O artigo intitula-se "Female self-employment and children" - que outro título haveria de ter? - e saiu no distinto Small Business Economics com data de outubro de 2014 (Volume 43, Número 3, pp. 549-569). Da autoria de Florian Noseleit. Recomendo ler. Em casa, obviamente. Sem a navalha na mão.
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