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O Journal of Services Marketing lançou uma chamada de trabalhos subordinada ao tema Fresh Thinking in Services Marketing: Contemporary, cutting-edge and creative thoughts, que está em aberto até final de janeiro próximo sob edição de Rebekah Russell-Bennett (Queensland University of Technology) e Steve Baron (University of Liverpool).
«This special issue is to generate new thinking in the well-established sub-discipline of services marketing. We now live in a world where we have access to global markets at the click of a button, and where there is increased collaboration between customers, organizations and competitors, and a market consciousness about the importance of preserving natural resources and communities. These trends provide both threats and opportunities to service scholars and practitioners, and require new ways of thinking about how to best serve our markets. This special issue will be the ‘maiden voyage’ of the new JSM editors and will signal their vision for the journal under their tenure. The focus of the papers is on new issues and contemporary topics related to serving customers in the 21st century; across borders, across disciplines, across markets and across sectors. The goal is to advance new thinking and ideas in the field of services marketing that reflects trends in both practice and scholarship. Submissions can be conceptual or empirical in nature, approached from marketing and business management perspectives. A variety of empirical approaches are acceptable (e.g. ethnographic, survey, experimental or archival research). Suggested topics include, but are not limited to: The role of services in transforming society and consumer lives; New methodological approaches for service research; Services marketing and the bottom-of-the pyramid; The role of new technologies and interactivity; Off-shoring and outsourcing of services; Servitization; Service design; Co-creation and third-parties; Crowd-sourcing; The future and key trends in the practice of services marketing: what researchers need to know; Micro-businesses, cottage industries and the service sector; Social service enterprises; Viewing service(s) through a new lens. Papers must conclude with well-supported research directions, trends or opportunities which contribute to the development of a vibrant culture of service(s) marketing research.»
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